Quality Policy



Quality Product

It is the policy of UVW to provide to its customers an excellent service by offering competitive prices, a quality product delivered on time, and prompt and effective attention to customer concerns. Departmental quality objectives have been developed for all sections of UVW. It is the objective of the Quality Assurance department to ensure:

  • Our factories are continuously evaluated and improvised in order to find out their capabilities and their ability to meet the customer's required standards and specifications.
  • Achieve at least 90% on-time sample submission and approvals.
  • Achieve at least 90% on-time production commencement and completion.
  • Carries out inspection of all fabric received against the 4 point system.
  • Conducts in-line, pre-final, and final inspections at various stages of production to verify the products is as per the customer's standards and specifications.
  • Statistically analyzing the data on a quarterly basis.
  • Keeps the management informed with regard to the trend at management review meetings.
  • Takes corrective and preventive measures to avoid / eliminate recurrences of similar problems.

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